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How to bid


Please sign in with our auction system using your ID (e-mail) and password.


1 - You can search for a car by Maker, Model, Auction Lot No, or ID

2 - Search Model, Maker, year and chassis number

2-a - Advanced Search

3 - Each meanings

Upcoming :The system will show your all available cars at the auctions within next 5 days, you can also narrow down the search by specific auctions day.

Wholesale :All listed prices are fixed, you do not need to participate in Auction and we can buy cars straight away upon your request.

Past/Statistics :Useful tool to check market average prices for the last 2 months.



Once you found car please click “BID” button on the last column as shown below. The number inside of the button shows time left to auction bid acceptance. Usually auction starts after 1.5 hours since bid acceptance is closed. In our example “4 hours left” till auction bid closes for this car! “CLOSED” means bid acceptance is finished for the car. “END” means that auction for the car is over and you can see the final sold price.

When press ”BID” button, a small window will pop out as shown below

  1. Enter your bidding price, which is the maximum that you want to bid on the car. We will then bid for you, up to that amount and + 20,000 JPY if car is sold close
  2. If you are going to buy more than one car, you can divide your bids into different groups (A,B,C,… etc.) up to 5 cars in each group.
  3. You can also put some remarks for us for sales managers.
  4. "WIN MAX" - you can bid on up to 5 cars in the same group. WIN MAX shows us how many cars you want to win out of 5 (eg. WIN MAX 1 means you want only 1 car out of 5).
  5. Click "BID"


Once you placed your BIDs, you will see them as example above: As you can see on the example, customer has created two groups with Mercedes-Benz and BMW


Start – shows a starting price in auction

Final – shows a final price

Result – car status / Sold, Unsold, Won, Negotiated /

Bid – your bidding price

Unapproved - Your sales consultant needs to approve your bid.

Translated - Means your sales consultant has translated Auction sheet (Car inspection sheet) for you, click “Translated” to see the translation details.

Unsold - Sometimes cars go unsold at auctions due to some reasons (eg. none of bidders reached seller’s desired price). In such cases, we can apply for a fax/online negotiations to the auction house. Price in Red brackets shows an estimated starting nego price (please note this price is just an estimate and is not applicable for some auctions);

If a starting nego price is below your bidding price, we will apply for nego automatically.

Customers with sufficient deposit can apply for nego even they did not initially bid on the car.

Negotitians can be done on the day of the auction within auction houses working hours.

In order to apply for nego, please contact your sales consultant and tell your max offer.

Please note, Once you apply for negotiations you can’t cancel it according to auction rules.

Won - So, as you can see on the example above, our customer couldn’t win Mercedes cause it was unsold at a much higher price, but he got BMW for 780,000 yen (55,000 yen less than his bidding price). That’s why car auctions is the most fair way to buy cars at real market prices.


Once you won a car you can track car’s process flow and documents on your “PURCHASE” page


The next day after purchase you will find proforma invoice when click on the car on your PURCHASE page. In the proforma invoice you will see how much you need to pay for car’s delivery to your port of destination (please consult with your personal sales consultant about the costs before you bid on any car).

You can also see all the process and documents flow for your car from auction house to your destination port, including date of arrival to Japan’s port of departure, additional car photos from port’s yard, date of export certificate issuance, expected date of ship’s departure, name of the ship and shipping line, expected date of arrival to your port, date of original Bill of Lading issuance, DHL tracking code for original documents.

Also you will be able to see and download photocopies of all documents uploaded as PDF files.

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